Havoc Motorcycles – Mike Tyson Special Edition

Published: October 29 2015 By @Japps

Havoc Motorcycles have recently shown off their latest special edition ride, the Iron Flight: Mike Tyson Special Edition. Now, Tyson might be seen as a controversial figure to some, but to many he is nothing short of a sporting legend. Here, Havoc Motorcycles have taken the boxer’s iconic tattoos, fierce fighting spirit and formed them into a motorcycle, using one of Tyson’s quotes to bring it all together. Tyson once said that “a winning attitude announces your presence before you even arrive. Winners succeed because their determination says ‘never surrender’” – and anyone who sees you arrive on Havoc’s Iron Flight will definitely know that you’ve arrived.

Boasting a huge 2030cc air cooled, v-twin engine, Progressive Suspension, forged aluminium wheels from RC Components and some serious fierce looks, this bagger style cruiser definitely captures the spirit of the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

If you want one, you’re going to have to shell out a lot of money. The MSRP of one of these special edition numbers is a staggering $52,550 – and for that much money, you could buy yourself two Kawasaki H2s and walk away with change. But Havoc Motorcycles know what they’re doing. You can guarantee that a bike that costs that much will be worth every penny.

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