Husqvarna’s Latest Dual Sport “Enduro”

Published: October 29 2015 By @Japps

Over the last year, I’ve been more and more excited about everything that’s rolling out of the Husqvarna factory. I’m particularly looking forward to their 401 concepts they released a while back. But until they get to work on them, here’s what they’ve been manufacturing in the meantime: a dual sport, dubbed the “701 Enduro”.

No one does off-road quite like Husky, but this time, this bike can fair pretty well on the street too. Sharp eyed motorcyclists will see some striking similarities to the KTM 690 – but I reckon this one has the edge.

Apart from the smart, ergonomic bodywork and modern Chromium Molybdenum trellis frame, the 701 Enduro has some more surprises. Firstly, it comes complete with a competition level WP 4CS fork and WP rear shock, a smart and incredibly lightweight aluminum swing arm, a fully self-supporting rear sub frame complete with an integrated 3.44 gallon fuel tank, and a stylish look.

Secondly, and more importantly, it’s got Keihin electronic fuel injection and a ride by wire throttle actuator, adjustable and configurable engine mapping, an APTC slipper clutch for that extra hard braking and finally, a really cool switchable ABS system that has a special off-road mode. Do I want one? Yes. Can I afford one? No…

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