A Luxurious Hidden Secret Within

Published: March 10 2016 By @carisma

An average looking MPV from the outside? A much different story on the inside.

Welcome the work of Carisma Auto Design, creators of the world’s finest luxury vehicle conversions.

Carisma hand-craft every part of a vehicle’s interior to their VIP client’s bespoke requirements. From quilted leather door panels and LED studded roof lining, to bur walnut centre consoles and ultra-luxurious reclining seats.

Of course, there’s no such thing as “standard” with a Carisma conversion. Each vehicle is custom built from a range of over 400 of the world’s finest leather hides, a choice of over 50 exotic wood veneers, 25+ deep pile Wilton carpets and in-car multimedia options to make your eyes water.

Carisma’s client list ranges from premier sports personalities and CEO’s to high-end hotel chains and legal firms.

Business on the move is become more and more popular in today’s fast moving economy. It’ll therefore come as no surprise to hear that Carisma’s fully-loaded mobile office is a popular choice for large corporations requiring senior members to be profitable while on the move.

The luxury mobile office comes equipped with on-board PC/Server, 4G Wi-Fi, front and rear facing LCD screens, video conferencing capabilities, laptop tables, power points and more.

Carisma build and fit interiors, for many luxury vehicles, from their workshop in the UK and export them to all corners of the globe.

For clients who require vehicles to be imported into countries with political and/or social unrest, Carisma also offer complete B7 armouring, as demonstrated in their bomb-proof Cadillac Escalade conversion.

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