1931 Chevrolet Spied Touring the 50 States

Published: September 6 2015 By @elanmcafee

A snazzy and sassy red 1931 Chevrolet was recently spotted in Silver Lakes, Kansas, but it's possible you have even seen it yourself. While the car is impressive on its own, it is its recent journeys that make it truly extraordinary. This vintage Chevy has not only been the only car to be in attendance at every NSRA shows in a single year, it has traveled to each of the 50 United States.

Kendall Phelps of Silver Lakes put together this street car with a friend back in 2001, achieving a lifelong dream. It was in that year that he and his wife, Therma, went to each and every NSRA show around and set a record that still stands today. The retired couple had so much fun doing that, they decided to drive their cherished 1931 Chevrolet to every state. They even had it shipped to Hawaii.

Throughout their tour of the country, they put about 94K miles on the old Chevy, and it's still ready and raring for more. Although the couple is now back in their Kansas home, they remember the experience fondly. Therma notes they have made "lifelong friends," and Kendall adheres to the motto, "Old Chevs never die; they only go faster."

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