Forza Motorsport 6 Shows Nostalgia for 70s and 80s

Published: September 6 2015 By @elanmcafee

XBox One owners and racing video game enthusiasts in general have been anxiously awaiting the release of Forza Motorsport 6, coming September 15th. Less than two weeks before it hits the stores, Microsoft has released an advertisement that exhibits a nostalgia for racing games of old - stretching as far back as the 1970s.

In just 90 seconds, the ad showcases scenes from 1974's Gran Trak 10, 1982's Pole Position, 1987's RC Pro Am, 1988's Chase HQ, and 1993's Ridge Racer. It doesn't call attention to the latest incarnation of Forza until the very end, when it says, "This is what we've been racing toward."

While this may sound low-tech and old-school, it was actually quite high-tech. In the midst of all the vintage racers, the 2017 Ford GT sped right alongside the classics. The GT is the beauty that graces the cover art of the box of Forza Motorsport 6.

Microsoft said of the ad's development: "To place the photorealistic car inside the pixelated game worlds, Xbox photographed a real-life, multimillion dollar prototype of the Ford GT that was suspended within a motion-controlled hydraulic rig. Tracking markers were used in-camera so that shots of the real car fit perfectly into the simulated environment of the earlier generation games."

Click here to watch the 90-second video.

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