Isotta Fraschini 8A Cabriolet Gains Best in Show at Pebble Beach

Published: August 19 2015 By @elanmcafee

Every August for the past 65 years, some of the most collectible cars and motorcycles are gathered around the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Links course for the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The event draws collectors and automobile enthusiasts from around the world to recognize and celebrate the most elegant examples from the contenders instead of just speedy performances. This year, a 1924 Isotta Fraschini 8A Cabriolet took Best in Show.

The winning Isotta Fraschini is owned by Jim Patterson of Louisville, Kentucky, who is the car's fourth owner. The basis of this beauty is a 145-inch Italian 1924 Tipo 8A chassis, which was turned into a sport cabriolet in the early 1930s by Swiss Carrosserie Worblaufen. It had its debut as a show car in the 1932 Geneva Auto Show, and in the following year it netted the Grand-Prix d'Honneur at Cannes.

According to Sandra Button, the Concours d'Elegance Chairman, the Isotta Fraschini's win came as no great surprise: "From the moment that Cesare Isotta and the Fraschini brothers founded their company, they were known for building prestigious cars. And this particular car is very stylish and very powerful. Even when resting on the ramp, it seems to be in motion, and it is filled with emotion. There is a lot of passion in this car." This was also Patterson's second win at Pebble Beach; his first was in 2010 with a 1933 Delage D8S De Villars.

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