Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger Boasts 500 HP

Published: September 5 2015 By @elanmcafee

Liberty Walk's latest tuning creation has been making the internet rounds under the hashtag of #ProjectHulk. Now that we've seen it, the tag is well deserved because a Liberty Walk tuning package on a Dodge Challenger is certainly mean and green. This latest project of Lee's began with a standard 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack and has developed - with help from his 20-year-old son - into something with plenty of wow appeal.

Something very special sets this custom Dodge Challenger apart from other builds. As Lee noted, "I had intentions from day one to have the first 2015 Liberty Walk Challenger in the U.S."� Surprisingly, the Japanese tuner hopped on board with little coercion with other big names like Toyo, Rotiform, and Recaro joined in the sponsorship of this green monster of a car.

The father-son duo equipped the Challenger with a Liberty Walk tuning package on the front and rear fenders, but that wasn't enough. So, they slapped on 20-inch Rotiform wheels wrapped in new Toyo rubber before adding an air lift suspension to make it into a low rider. In just two months, Project Hulk was unveiled at the Dub Show in Los Angeles.

Since then, the pair has tweaked the Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger even further. It is far lighter with a carbon fiber roof and rear splitter, and they removed the rear seat for even less weight. For curb appeal, they added a custom roll cage and Mopar hood pins. With some new Borla equipment like long tube headers and ATAK exhaust. Lee and his son also boosted the standard HEMI 5.7-L V8 engine to put out 500 HP, and they are planning even more improvements to the car in the future.

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