Porsche Minneapolis Rally Successful Despite Accident

Published: August 26 2015 By @elanmcafee

August 24th marked the grand opening of the Magnus Walker Porsche Rally in Minneapolis, and - judging by the turnout - it was a rousing success. Over 60 of the speedy and sleek Porsches participated in the event, and they represented decades worth of these supercar models. The road rally around the Minneapolis metropolitan area was co-hosted by Porsche fanatic Magnus Walker.

Unfortunately, Magnus Walker's time at the rally wasn't all fun and games. He had his iconic #277 Porsche shipped especially for the event, but the car took some heavy damage along the way. Although it's not entirely clear what happened, onlookers suggest that Magnus veered into the side of a transport truck to avoid a collision with another collectible Porsche on the road. On Instagram and other social media, however, Walker reports that he is okay and the car is fixable.

The rally began with a tour of the new Porsche dealership in the city and concluded with lunch and ice-cold beverages in downtown Wayzata with the legendary restorer and collector Magnus himself - although he was likely somewhat rattled from the events of the day.

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