Reader Rides: 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Low Rider

Published: August 28 2015 By @elanmcafee

Blake Hathaway of Boston, Massachusetts has been Volkswagen Beetle fan for almost as long as he can remember. "I grew up watching my father build and work on air-cooled VWs and this is undoubtedly where I got my passion for these cars," he said. "So when my father decided to retire from the VW parts room after about 40 years, I knew I wanted to build a car with him."

Blake thought he had found the perfect base for such a project when he encountered a 1962 Bug in 2007 that looked pretty clean. Once he and his did started working on it, however, it became clear that the body just wasn't going to work. There was B-pillar damage and evidence of bad repair work, but all wasn't lost. That Beetle still had some salvageable parts; they just needed another body.

A 1962 Volkswagen Beetle with a rag top was soon found that fit the project's bill to a T. He and his father began the restoration work, but Blake wanted to put a little twist on the final product by making it into a low rider. The vintage Beetle now features an Air Lift V2 digital management system that controls the rear air suspension, allowing the car to ride as low as possible on the pavement. Blake also outfitted the Beetle with a vintage OKRASA motor he tweaked to put out between 65 and 70 hp - a far cry from the 40 hp the stock engine could produce.

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