This Japanese Wagon Has Muscle!

Published: September 17 2015 By @elanmcafee

Muscle Wagon

When talking about muscle cars, a station wagon isn't necessarily the first thing to come to mind. In this case, however, a "muscle car" seems like the best description for this restored and modified early 1970s station wagon. A S60 Kujira model Toyota Crown forms the base of this creation by Japanese car enthusiast Shunsaku Mizuno, but it's the extras that really set it apart.

This Toyota has a 1UZ-FE quad cam V8 engine beneath its hood, installed by Oto-san from Daddy Motorworks, requiring significant work because the S60 Kujira's engine bay is quite small compared to the engine's size. The tranny is just as impressive with a R154 5-speed manual gearbox powering a Toyota Altezza differential with a 3.7 final drive.

There have also been some subtle yet snazzy adjustments to the exterior. Mizuna added 17-inch Billet Specialties Street Lights, greyed-out chrome trim, and smoked lenses to give the wagon a hot rod look. Inside, he added a custom instrument panel featuring an array Auto Meter gauges to keep him informed on performance as he drives. All in all, this Japanese muscle wagon is quite the sensation!

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