5 Best Three-Wheeled Concept Cars

Published: September 16 2015 By @matthewyoung

A three-wheeled concept car is something of a curiosity. Two wheels give the rider maximum maneuverability and four wheels are the standard for stability. Certain manufacturers keep rolling out the three-wheelers, though. While three wheels lend plenty of stability as well, these conceptual autos aren’t tailored for transport as much as they are for experimental driving and racing. Their builders also indulge a good deal of creative license to come up with designs that range from outlandish to bizarre. Here are the five top three-wheeled concept cars out there today.

Mazda Kaan

Conceived in 2008, the Mazda Kaan — created for entry in 2008’s Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge — looks more like something that will roll down city highways in the year 2050. The Kaan won that contest, probably not so much for its sleek, UFO-esque electric bolt design as its ability to hit speeds above 200 MPH while being an entirely electric vehicle — complete with a solar panel. So far, the Kaan is not intended for general consumer use.

Volkswagen GX3

It’s been nearly a decade since Volkswagen greenlit production on its GX3. It’s a slick and sturdy-looking little six-speeder that can top 60 MPH in just under six seconds. It also made its debut in Los Angeles, at the beginning of 2006. The GX3 resembles the illegitimate offspring of a motor trike and a sidecar, and for good reason: it was conceived as a tandem motorcycle, with left and right passenger-driver cockpit seating. With double-axle front steering, the Kaan was priced to finish somewhere south of $17,000.

Peugeot Egochine

The Egochine looks like a razor, and that’s not a metaphor. It literally resembles the tool a man shaves with: black-and-white vanilla swirls cover a T-shaped semi-triangular front that connects to a hook-angled stem with a rear one-man cockpit. The car’s odd looks lends it a retro-futuristic gravitas that has more than a few admirers. A pair of electric motors moves the Egochine while a single hydrogen fuel cell powers it. The car was created specifically for Peugeot’s design contest at the turn of the decade and no price is available

Higgins-Aubé Energya

Blessed, or cursed, with the look of an old Hot Wheels toy and the unfortunate moniker of motomobile, the Energya might be lost among better and stranger three-wheelers. The Energya was the brainchild of a young manufacturer. While the car was promised eight years ago at an ambiguously low price, it seems like it never really took off. Its minimalistic yet stylish architecture perhaps had little to do with it. Maybe the mention of a motorcycle engine in its specs had more to do with it, though it was initially advertised as an electric vehicle.

Campagna T-Rex

At the end of the list is T-Rex, a rather unimpressive number with a most impressive sticker price. Motoring on a Kawasaki ZZR1200 engine and ZX-14 drivetrain, the T-Rex hardly idles at $50,000! The T-Rex stands less than four feet tall, too. With that kind of wallop on the wallet, it’s any wonder how somebody taller than six feet fits into it. Imagine a go-kart with a lot of power and that’s the T-Rex. It lacks doors and doesn’t even come with a windshield. It’s now twenty years old yet somehow its age affects its price. In your estimation, which cars interest or excite you the most? If given the chance, which one(s) would you choose to drive? Which one(s) would you race?

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